Eat Healthy Subliminal Recording

Processed, fatty and sugar-filled junk food is hard to avoid and impossible to ignore if you live in a Western society where fast food outlets dominate city skylines and eating a fresh, healthy meal often means inconvenience, expense, planning and time – a luxury many busy households today have little of. Eating junk, however, is the first step to leading a sluggish, unhealthy and overweight life which is often cut short due to illness brought on by unwholesome eating.

Most of us are aware that we should be eating and feeding our families more fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains while avoiding processed foods and sugary drinks and snacks. But while many of us are aware of the health and overall benefits of healthy eating, we often lack the will power to make the lifelong change in eating habits that will change our lives so dramatically for the better.

Managing stress and mental anxiety will help you stay healthy in the midst of a busy life. Our Eating Healthy MP3 subliminal audio recording has been designed to help you access the resources of your unconscious mind and connect it to the goal you wish to achieve for your body’s well being.

This Eating Healthy MP3 subliminal audio recording can help you:

  • Crave healthy food
  • Change your eating habits to be healthy
  • Want to cook healthy meals 
  • Love fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Drink lots of water
  • Feel content, healthy and satisfied
  • Feel well nourished
Your mind is your greatest asset when it comes to changing your eating habits, and our positive voice affirmations have been specially chosen to help you live the healthy life you long for. The affirmations infiltrate your subconscious, bypassing your conscious mind and helping you reach your goals.

Our positive affirmations can give you the mental aptitude to look after your body, live a healthy life and enjoy a positive mental outlook.

Details and Specifications
    Affirmations In This Recording

  • I crave healthy foods
  • My eating habits are healthy
  • I crave healthy meals
  • I love fresh fruits and vegetables
  • I drink all the water I need
  • I am content and satisfied
  • It is easy for me to nourish my body


About This Recording

  • Professionally Approved Affirmations
  • 30 Minutes Playing Time
  • Delivered via Instant MP3 Download
  • Various Music and Bells Background

The affirmations are played so softly they bypass the conscious mind and penetrate the subconscious. You will not hear them, but you may notice them.

Approved Affirmations!

Real Voice Subliminals!
Below The Hearing Range


Review the samples below to hear the voice used in the subliminals. Remember you will not actually hear a clear voice in the recordings.

Subliminals work by bypassing the conscious mind. Even though you can not hear the subliminals, your subconscious can and will parse the data helping you achieve your goals.

Sample 1 

Sample 2 

Sample 3