Problem Solving Subliminal Recording

If you’ve ever been stumped by a problem, utterly frustrated and aggravated because the solution escapes you . . .  well, welcome to the human race! At one time or another, this happens to all of us. Unfortunately, it happens to some more often than others.

Clearly, the ability to solve problems can help us avoid a lot of life’s frustrations and miseries. The better at it we are, the less we suffer these indignities.
If you want to improve your problem solving skills, download our subliminal recording.

How will that help you? The answer is both simple and fundamental. Our subliminal recording will put you into the proper orientation for solving even the most difficult and complex problem. It will help you overcome the fears and self-doubt that hamper your ability to solve complex problems.

You might wonder how a recording can help you change one of your basic characteristics. The answer is that subliminal recordings like ours go straight to the power center of the brain, the subconscious. It is the subconscious that sets the directions for our conscious thoughts and actions. It is the seat of our motivations and our basic personality, and it controls how we perceive and interact with the world. If we flood it with positive, affirming and life changing messaging, it can change the way we think and the way we behave. And it can help us achieve even the most complex tasks and meet even the most daunting challenges.

Our downloadable subliminal message file on Problem Solving Skills can help you unshackle any restraints that may be keeping you from reaching your goals and tackling and finding those elusive solutions that have been so frustrating. These subliminal messages tap into the unmeasured power of the subconscious mind. They unleash your mental power in ways that you can’t dream of.
That’s because subliminal messaging – which your ears hear – reaches deep into the mind, way below the crowded surface that’s crammed with the details of everyday living. Our messages go deep, into the very center of your mind, the region that drives your thoughts and behaviors.

How can you benefit from improving your problem solving skills? For starters:

  • You will make better decisions about all sorts of matters that are important in your life
  • Your ability to take on more complex and challenging tasks will be enhanced
  • Job performance will improve
  • If you’re in school, your grades will get better
  • You will experience less frustration
  • Better decisions can result in more money, better health and increased happiness
What are you waiting for? Unleash your problem solving potential with our subliminal recording.

Details and Specifications
    Affirmations In This Recording

  • I always figure out problems
  • My problem solving skills are strong
  • Solving problems is easy for me
  • I overcome barriers effortlessly
  • My mind is smart and sharp
  • I stay calm and solve problems
  • I enjoy solving problems


About This Recording

  • Professionally Approved Affirmations
  • 30 Minutes Playing Time
  • Delivered via Instant MP3 Download
  • Various Music and Bells Background

The affirmations are played so softly they bypass the conscious mind and penetrate the subconscious. You will not hear them, but you may notice them.

Approved Affirmations!

Real Voice Subliminals!
Below The Hearing Range


Review the samples below to hear the voice used in the subliminals. Remember you will not actually hear a clear voice in the recordings.

Subliminals work by bypassing the conscious mind. Even though you can not hear the subliminals, your subconscious can and will parse the data helping you achieve your goals.

Sample 1 

Sample 2 

Sample 3